Why We Have No Elders

The Balance Between New and Old Actually, I wanted to call this article “Conservative or Liberal, throwing the baby out with the bathwater”! But that sounds political, and this is not about politics, although it might be. To me, the term “conservative” means “conserving the wisdom of our past”, and liberal means “liberating ourselves from … Read moreWhy We Have No Elders

The Lost Art of Grateful Cooking

I guess your first response is “I understand the lost art of cooking, but what do you mean by grateful cooking?” Yes, we seem to have lost the art of cooking, but we have also lost the art of gratefulness. We think about what will “make us happy”, or stimulate our tastebuds, or complete our … Read moreThe Lost Art of Grateful Cooking

Eat Responsibly!

  Patti Bealer Health You can health at any age!   This month’s challenge: Eat Responsibly! It is the Holiday Season and we have so many celebrations, whether official, traditional or spontaneous, that give us cause to eat. Not just eat, but to eat out of control. Between the social settings, the family dynamics and … Read moreEat Responsibly!

Dealing with the holiday eating frenzy!

Why do we pack on the pounds during the holidays, and what do we do about it? There are some statistics that indicate that the “average” American gains between 7 – 10 pounds of weight just during the holiday season, which basically covers Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are other holidays in there, and I … Read moreDealing with the holiday eating frenzy!

Holiday Party Challenge

Do you find yourself at the office potluck or a social gathering reaching for food to make you feel comfortable? Take my Party Challenge! One of the issues with gatherings is they usually have less than healthy food choices.  Another one is you may not know very many of the people there, and the person … Read moreHoliday Party Challenge

Surviving the Holidays Without Weight Gain!

Are you looking forward to the Holidays, but not gaining all that weight? We know the Holidays usually means an extra 6 pounds to take off in January, but how do we avoid that and not end up with a dreary January? When Fall comes around, so does “that atmosphere”! It’s an exciting atmosphere of … Read moreSurviving the Holidays Without Weight Gain!