Health Coaching

What is a health coach?

A health coach helps you find what actually works for you.coaching1
Have you tried “everything”?  Are you sick of all the confusing information on tv and the internet?  Have you purchased all those fat loss supplements and not lost a pound?  Have you starved yourself and slaved at the gym and not lost any weight?  Sometimes it just takes someone else looking at what you do, to help peel back the layers of misinformation, to find out what really works for YOU.  We are all different, so a diet that works great for your friend may not work at all for you.


A health coach helps you evaluate what you need to change.
We are living in a world where our food is not food anymore, it is convenience.  You need to learn to maneuver your way through food labels, food myths, and advertising to find out what is best for your body.  Once you address your body’s needs, you can also work on the other factors that are important in your life, such as stress levels, exercise needs and evaluating your self care.  I can help you with that.


A health coach holds you accountable.
Being accountable to someone else is also very helpful to many people.  Knowing you need to work on something is the first step, but following through and actually doing it is usually our biggest challenge.  As your health coach I will hold you accountable, to remind you to tackle the challenges you have decided to face.


A health coach helps you stay motivated.
I believe that small daily habit changes can have the largest effect on your life in the long run, so the changes can be small, but the effects can be significant in your life.  Sometimes you will decide to tackle something big, but I will be there to support you.  This is your journey to health, but sometimes you just need a coach on the sidelines helping you stay motivated.

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