Just so you know:

I am a Health Coach, certified through the Institute of Integrative NutritionFc8yxtha5Yz-DZBwp4naMU5Lee20cyrrgXmcmHScAjI-1
What I am NOT:

I am not a doctor, so I cannot give medical advice.  Doctors are great in what they do, so don’t make any changes to your medications without talking to them first.  If you are feeling better because you are changing your eating habits and lifestyle, they will be the first ones to congratulate you; so feel free to brag to them.

I am NOT a dietitian, so I cannot give you a menu plan for you to stick to, based on your medical needs.  They are also great at what they do, they will tell diabetics to eat less sugar and those who take powerful medications what will interfere with those medications, they will also tell people with heart problems not to eat salt.  Please listen to them.  If you hear me say something that doesn’t line up with what your dietitian is saying to you, please talk to them and see what they say. People on blood thinners should not eat large amounts of kale, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t eat vegetables.

So ask questions, it is your health you are working on!