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Have You Heard of Minimalism?
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You may have, it is sort of “trendy” nowadays. If you haven’t I’d like to give you an idea ofwhat it is all about, and the mindset behind it. If you believe it is something you should look into, I … Read More

Aromatase Inhibitors and Cancer Treatment
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I was watching television the other day and heard this commercial about this new medication for treating breast cancer, it is an aromatase inhibitor.  An aromatase inhibitor, as you may not know, is something that prevents sex hormones like testosterone, … Read More

Eating for the Seasons–Spring
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Spring is here, and it brings us closer to the farmer’s markets with their fresh vegetables. We are coming out of the cold season, where we have been indoors more than usual, sitting more, eating warming soups and heavier, fattier … Read More

Why Movement is a Big Deal
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I have basically spent most of my life experimenting with ways to eat and live to improve my health and my weight. But now, with time to look back over the years, I can see what has worked to keep … Read More

What do three blind men and research have in common?
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I am not talking about double blind studies, or saying researchers are blind, but what they have in common is that they are looking at single data points of a whole picture. You probably know the parable of the three … Read More

The Lost Art of Grateful Cooking
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I guess your first response is “I understand the lost art of cooking, but what do you mean by grateful cooking?” Yes, we seem to have lost the art of cooking, but we have also lost the art of gratefulness. … Read More